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How to Sell My House Fast in Dallas, Texas

If you’re trying to sell your house fast in Dallas, we’re here to provide you information and solutions.

Listing your property with a realtor is time-consuming, but selling to an investor is almost always the quickest way to get out of your home.

But why should you listen to me?

My name is Scott, and I’m a real estate investor in Dallas with 10 years of experience in real estate

Regardless of your situation, you are likely aware of the wild ride that the federal reserve has taken us on since they started hiking interest rates.

The federal reserve’s actions to raise rates creates a ripple effect in the lending market, which has raised mortgage rates significantly.

Currently, mortgage rates are at an extremely elevated point relative to the last few years.

Why do you care about all this? Because home prices have fallen since all of these interest rate hikes, and it has affected the speed and number of home sales (even in a historically excellent market like Dallas).

There has been a year over year drop in number of homes sold by 2.8% from December 2022 to December 2023.

Timeline For Selling with a Realtor

Realtors use the MLS (multiple listing service) to list properties online and maximize a property’s exposure to the general public.

One metric that realtors use to anticipate how long he/she expects a house to stay on the market before selling is referred to as “DOM” (days on market).

The current DOM for Dallas shows houses listed on the MLS are remaining unsold for an average of 41 days.

The DOM number doesn’t include the time that it takes to close (where you walk away with your money).

After going under contract, it might take another 30-60 days for your buyer to be able to close, especially if he/she is getting a mortgage.

That’s a total of up to 101 days!

If you’re anxious to move more quickly, you do have some other options.

How fast can you sell a house in Dallas?

If you’re in a rush to relocate or exit a bad situation, you might need a faster solution than MLS.

The quickest route is probably selling to a cash homebuyer/investor.

There are many national and local businesses that can offer fast deals.

But there’s a tradeoff: You’ll make less money on the sale than you would on the open market.

So if you have no time constraints and your property is in good condition, use a realtor!

If you need a realtor, we have a great one on our team!

Benefits of Selling Fast to an Investor

But for those most interested in selling their house fast, an investor like us can offer:

  • Quick Close
    • We can make a cash offer on your house in as little as 24 hours and can close on the day of your choosing, often in as little as two weeks!
  • Cash Purchase
    • Since it’s a cash deal, we can eliminate the “financing contingencies” that a retail buyer would require
  • As-is Sale
    • We can buy your house in any condition – you don’t have to spend any money fixing up your house
  • Zero fees and commissions
    • We don’t charge any fees or commissions for our services, and you don’t have to pay any closing costs or fees
  • Hassle-free process free of public MLS listing
    • We handle all the paperwork for you, and you don’t have to deal with multiple showings, open houses, or marketing

Selling your property to a Dallas investor can be a great option if you want to sell your house fast, easy, and without the hassle. However, not all homebuyers are created equal. You need to find a reputable and experienced investor who you can trust and who can deliver on their promises.

I have years of real estate knowledge that help me pinpoint what your property is worth in its current condition.

You’ll be dealing with someone local (me!) who understands your neighborhood and what this house means to you.

If you want someone to treat you with respect and help you find the best solution, then call me today!

Even if me and my services are not the best fit for your situation, we have a stellar realtor on our team who can help you list your property on MLS!

Either way, I’d love the opportunity to see how I can help.


Selling your house fast in Dallas is possible, but it may require some trade-offs. Ultimately, the best way to sell your house fast in Dallas depends on your goals, preferences, and situation. If you’re not sure, give us a call and we can walk you through these option on the phone.

We specialize in buying your house quickly for cash, without you having to invest any more money in the property. We also have realtors on our team who can help you list your property.

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